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Five benefits of routine hearing exams

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If you’re like most people, you take your hearing for granted. As you age, you need to take action to prevent hearing loss. The best time to get your hearing checked is before you experience a problem.

In recognition of Better Hearing & Speech Month, we have compiled five key benefits to review if you are hesitant about getting a hearing exam. These handy tips will help ensure you are on the path to better overall hearing health.

Routine hearing exams will help you:

  1. Learn the warning signs of hearing loss. Early detection of hearing problems is the key to avoiding hearing loss. If you don’t hear people well when they speak to you, or if you have difficulty understanding callers on your phone, get a hearing exam. Also, if you have a ringing or buzzing sound in your ears, you may need to be evaluated for tinnitus.
  2. Diagnose medical conditions. Conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure may cause hearing issues. Your hearing exam may lead you to uncover a problem you didn’t know you have.
  3. Identify changes in hearing levels. A hearing exam may help you to learn how your hearing levels have changed over the years and allow you to make adjustments to optimize ear health. These changes may include removing earwax or avoiding excessively loud noise.
  4. Prevent further damage. If you already have hearing loss, you may be fighting other issues as a result of hearing loss. Common conditions linked to hearing loss include depression, anxiety in social situations and isolation. Those with advanced hearing loss may also be more prone to injury since they may not hear horns, smoke alarms or warning shouts.
  5. Treat issues more easily. A hearing exam is painless and may lead you to get hearing loss treated or at least prevent it from getting worse. A Medicare Advantage plan with hearing coverage allows you to stay on top of your hearing health.

Scheduling your routine hearing exam will give you the opportunity to detect and treat issues early, prepare for potential hearing loss as you age and discuss proper ear care with your doctor.

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