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MAHP Women Leaders in Michigan Health Care: Patricia Graham

Over the month of March, we are promoting the inspirational women who lead Michigan’s health plans. Nearly half of MAHP member plan leaders are women and influence the future of health care for residents around the state.

Patricia Graham is the plan president and CEO of Meridian of Michigan. Prior to being appointed CEO in 2022, she served as Chief Operating Officer and was responsible for driving operational efficiencies, building out scalable operations and developing leaders. Patricia has nearly 20 years of experience in Medicaid and government-sponsored programs.

Over the course of your time as CEO of your health plan, what has been your proudest accomplishment?

I have always been inspired by service to the underserved and was lucky enough to have some of my earliest jobs in provider offices. I learned about the many opportunities to improve the patient/member experience. In my role as CEO, I have the opportunity to positively influence health outcomes, improve access, and support an amazing team of people who are making a difference in the communities we serve. I am most proud of the difference we make.

What would your advice be to a young woman who is entering her career?

Hard work and intentional focus will always benefit you. It doesn’t always take resources if you are resourceful. You should spend time on what is important to you and be very intentional around what you choose to spend time on. I have wasted time in my life doing things that did not matter or did not add joy to my life. I eventually realized that if I did not prioritize experiences and relationships, then I would grow old without a story to tell. I know first-hand that if you take ownership of your future, and are intentional around it, you can accomplish almost anything. Surround yourself with people that you believe in, and that believe in you. And of those people, celebrate their success just as much as you would your own. As a leader, give people what you wish you had, develop your own learning agenda and goals, and work toward them. And do not allow anyone else to write your story, because it will not fulfill you.

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