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Priority Health partners with pulseData to deliver improved member health and chronic kidney disease care management outcomes

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Priority Health, a nationally recognized nonprofit health plan, announced today it has partnered with pulseData, a medical technology company that uses patented artificial intelligence to better diagnose and predict adverse events for members with chronic disease, with a focus on chronic kidney disease (CKD). Priority Health will use analytics from pulseData to identify, notify and engage members with care management options related to CKD.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), CKD affects more than 1 in 7 U.S. adults—an estimated 37 million Americans. Despite the prevalence of kidney disease in the U.S., as many as 9 in 10 people who have CKD are not aware they have the disease. Early-stage kidney disease usually has no symptoms, and many people don’t know they have CKD until it is advanced. If interventions are provided at the right time, members can achieve optimal health outcomes and prevent hospitalization.

The goal for this partnership is to use the machine learning provided by pulseData to identify members who have CKD in a timely manner. Priority Health’s team of care managers can then reach out and provide the most appropriate care intervention options at the right time, such as obtaining proper tests, medication reminders, healthy food options, and more. The data provided by pulseData is highly detailed with health indicators.

If the member decides to proceed with the care options presented, evidence-based CKD interventions will populate in the care plan that the care manager will review and individualize based on the member’s needs.

“At Priority Health, we want to make it easier for our members to take action toward their personal health journeys by providing the necessary tools and resources,” said James Forshee, MD, senior vice president and chief medical officer at Priority Health. “Our partnership with pulseData allows us to continue meeting the needs of our members through innovative data and evidence-based care solutions that will help drive better individual health outcomes.”

While the predictions provided by pulseData focus on CKD progression, the Priority Health care manager will address all of the member’s care needs.

“We use patterns in the data to find members likely to be mis- or undiagnosed with a chronic disease and predict when they will have an avoidable health care event,” said Teddy Cha, CEO at pulseData. “We’ve been able to build upon existing innovations at Priority Health to help extend programs to even more members in need.”

About Priority Health:
With over 30 years in business, Priority Health is the second largest health plan in Michigan, offering an extensive portfolio of health benefits options for employer groups and individuals, including Medicare and Medicaid plans. Serving more than one million members each year and offering a broad network of primary care physicians in Michigan, Priority Health continues to be recognized as a leader for quality, customer service, transparency and product innovation.

About pulseData:
pulseData is a machine learning & AI company helping payers and providers better understand chronic disease and alleviate patient suffering. We take a unique and patented approach – focusing on and investing deeply in specific diseases, finding patients miss and un-diagnosed, tying those models to care pathway recommendations, and integrating into your existing workflows. Our customers improve efficiency, attaining greater visibility into the expected activity of their sickest patients. They strengthen capabilities, identifying those patients they hadn’t known needed help. They maximize impact, aligning on care and referral pathways. They generate results, improving their financial success and the overall health of more people.

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