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7 Signs of a Mental Health Condition

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The numbers are staggering. The National Alliance of Mental Illness reports nearly 50 million Americans experience a mental health condition every year—that’s about one in five adults. The events of the last two years have led to even greater concerns over mental health and increased awareness. The increased demand and need for services has brought to light just how important it is that individuals and communities have improved access to quality mental health care.

Mental health affects everything. It is an essential part of our overall health impacting how we think, feel and act. When something feels out of whack, it can pose issues to your day-to-day routine and wellbeing.

Mental illness disorders include anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders and many others. The two most common mental health illnesses are depression, affecting more than 16 million Americans, and anxiety, which impacts over 42 million Americans. There is no single cause for mental illness—genetics, environment and lifestyle can all play a role.

Unlike illnesses of the rest of the body, mental illness has been swept under the rug for many years because it hasn’t been as widely accepted as a serious medical issue.

It’s important to remember that everyone will experience anxiety and sadness at some moment in their life. However, when that anxiety and sadness is overwhelming and occurs regularly, a mental health condition may be the cause and you are encouraged to seek help. You don’t have to live with the symptoms; there are resources available to feel better.

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