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Priority Health providing first virtual primary care plan for Michigan employers

This release is from Priority Health. Read more here.

Priority Health, a nationally recognized nonprofit health plan, has announced the launch of Virtual Care Partners, a virtual-first product offered exclusively to the employer market. This virtual primary care solution is a first-of-its-kind for Michigan employers and will help remove barriers to accessing care and provide a unified, virtual care experience while guiding members down an optimal care path. Virtual Care Partners is available starting July 1, for Michigan-based employers with 51+ employees.

About 65 million Americans live in primary care deserts, where convenient access to PCPs is extremely limited and 32% of adults have avoided care during the pandemic. However, the pandemic also accelerated the growth and adoption of virtual care services nationwide, resulting with more health care services being provided virtually. Virtual Care Partners increases accessibility to primary care services by leaning into virtual care, providing personalized solutions to Priority Health commercial group members so they can manage their health care needs.

This virtual-first primary care product is designed to navigate members through a new, cost-effective, virtual care delivery model that provides a high level of care, personalized support and guidance to high quality in-person care providers when needed. Key features of this product include tiered benefits that incentivize the use of virtual care at no cost, a dedicated virtual care team composed of a PCP, therapist, RN and medical assistants, as well as member access and online support that is available 24/7.

Unlike other virtual care plans that are typically accessed infrequently or only for urgent care needs, Virtual Care Partners offers a more unified and engaging care experience that ultimately drives behavior change and better health outcomes. Virtual PCPs have access to a 360-degree view of the member’s health needs and the Priority Health sponsored programs available to them.

“Today’s consumers are often delaying necessary care due to access, convenience or cost. We know that the more difficult it is to access health care, the harder it is to get and stay healthy,” said Megan Schmidt, senior vice president of employer solutions at Priority Health. “Through the launch of Virtual Care Partners, employers will be able to offer their employees convenient and affordable access to their PCP right from their home, making it easier than ever to manage their health and reduce gaps in care.”

Priority Health is the fastest growing health plan in Michigan and is focused on lowering the cost of health care. As part of an integrated health system, Priority Health is uniquely positioned to change the way people access and receive health care services. This new product is one of the innovative ways the company is driving affordability and access for the community.

For more information, please visit priorityhealth.com.

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