Michigan Association of Health Plans

2022 Michigan Association of Health Plans 10 Question Candidate Survey

Health care has been one of the Michigan Legislature’s most prominently discussed, debated and legislated public policy areas for several years now. As candidates seek public office, questions and policy debates over the direction that Michigan should take to make healthcare more accessible and affordable will undoubtedly be asked by constituencies and the media.

Over four decades, MAHP has been a leading objective and unbiased voice for policymakers to help them navigate healthcare policy discussions. We represent the most unique and diverse set of healthcare stakeholders that provide meaningful and impactful resources and policy concepts for these discussions.

This survey contains ten questions aimed at gathering your thoughts on our guiding principles to improve access, advance competition and increase health equity in Michigan’s health care markets. Your responses will remain confidential and not be shared with the media.

To fill out the survey, click here

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