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Medicaid Benefits: Getting the Most of Your Michigan Medicaid

Michigan Medicaid plans have benefits to keep you healthy. Coverage for basic health services is required by Medicaid. Additional benefits are available through the state and your health plan. Check out some perks that may be available to you.

Transportation Services

Your Medicaid coverage can help you get to medical appointments. Resources are available if you need help finding a ride.

Many health plans like Priority Health operate their own transportation services. Members can receive help directly from the health plan. Some plans even offer mileage reimbursements. Priority Health is one of those plans. This can help you save money traveling to appointments.

Contact your health coverage provider or local Michigan Department of Health and Human Services office for help.

Virtual Care

Virtual care can be an option to receive quality care quickly. It is convenient and affordable. Telehealth can be used for non-emergency symptoms like a sore throat, rash, or cough.

Virtual visits can be done anywhere. These visits connect you to a licensed provider through a tablet, computer, or smart phone. The visit is then completed through video or live chat.

Contact your health coverage provider or doctor’s office to learn how to schedule a virtual visit.

Free Cellphone and Service

Today’s world is mobile. Cellphones connect us to resources and help. This is helpful for health care. People can easily contact their doctor, health plan and more with mobile phones.

Medicaid members may be eligible for a free cellphone. Some health plans like Priority Health help members get cell phones and coverage. Contact your health plan to learn more.

Mental Health Coverage

Mental health matters. Keeping your mind healthy is as important as keeping your body healthy. The state works with local health organizations to provide mental health services to Medicaid members. Covered services include:

  • Services to persons with developmental disabilities
  • Substance use disorder services
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital mental health services
  • Treatment for severe mental illness and severe emotional disturbances
  • Contact your local Community Mental Health agency or health plan to learn more.

Dental Services

Oral health is often reflective of overall health. Dentists help keep your mouth healthy. They can also help you spot some health issues early on. Regular dentist visits are important. Many plans cover annual dental checkups. Contact your health plan to ask about dental coverage.

Maternal Infant Health Program

Michigan offers the Maternal infant Health Program for expectant mothers. The course teaches new moms how to keep themselves and their babies healthy. Each person enrolled gets a personal care plan. They can also receive free diapers.

This article originally appeared in Priority Health’s ThinkHealth Blog. Read more here.

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