Michigan Association of Health Plans

MAHP Launches New Health Care Podcast

MAHP launched its new podcast, the EOB Podcast, this fall to further explore health care topics important to Michiganders. The podcast offers an inside look into Michigan’s healthcare industry with industry experts, healthcare executives, and policy makers to demystify healthcare with the goal of making health care less overwhelming. There are many moving pieces in the healthcare system that many people don’t understand, and this show will not only explain details of the healthcare industry but provide listeners the opportunity to hear multiple perspectives on Michigan’s health care industry.

Episode one invites Dr. Michael Genord, HAP President and CEO to divulge his history as a medical professional and how HAP ensures Michiganders have access to quality healthcare. This firsthand look into a major health insurance organization answers many questions and gives a new perspective of quality healthcare during a global pandemic.

In the second episode, Jian Yu, Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary for Priority Health dispels myths, discusses how actuarial science enables quality healthcare and humanizes the people behind calculating premiums. To many, the prices behind healthcare seem robotic and impersonal, Jian Yu is here to explain the thought process behind the men and women who use careful considerations of actuarial science to provide high-quality healthcare.

Listeners can tune in on Spotify using the link below to reach The EOB Podcast. There are also links to our first 2 episodes, and there will be a third episode airing in November. Get educated and understand the world of healthcare, with The EOB Podcast.

The EOB Podcast will drop a new podcast each month, and if you have a topic you’d like MAHP to cover or a guest idea, email Jeff Romback at [email protected]. Check out the first two paragraphs on Spotify now!

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