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Michigan Matters: Health Leaders on the Pandemic & Path Forward for Families, Schools and Businesses

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, two health experts appear on  CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters” to offer insights into the pandemic and the road ahead as students return to school and businesses continue to reopen.

Dr. Michael Genord, President & CEO of Health Alliance Plan who took over the top job in February,  talked with Carol Cain, Senior Producer/Host, about how the insurer is helping customers and the community. He also talked how HAP employees have adjusted during this time.

Dr. Genord discussed a new product it is launching called Pivital along with the Henry Ford Health System. It is designed to have a lower premium cost for employer groups while providing access to virtual care services at no cost for members. And HAP is now expanding into Grand Rapids which he highlighted.

With more people over the age of 60 suddenly finding themselves unemployed as a result of the pandemic, he talked about Medicare enrollment which takes place in October and things people may want to know.

Then, Dr. Preeti N. Malani, Chief Health Officer at the University of Michigan and Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at UM, talked with Cain about the crisis and its toll on students and their families.  Dr. Malani discussed mental health issues being experienced in greater numbers by people of all ages as they face stress, isolation, and other challenges brought on by this pandemic.

She offered suggestions for parents of children now distance learning vs. being in the classroom with their friends.

And she raised other safety measures people should think about and consider during this time.

This segment was originally featured in CBS Detroit, watch here.