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Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services Amplifies Patient Data Exchange Efforts to Aid in COVID-19 Response

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) is working closely with Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) to increase the ability to securely exchange real-time patient data. MiHIN has amplified their patient data exchange delivery in metro Detroit at Detroit Medical Center, Trinity Health System and Henry Ford Health System and plans to expand this aid statewide. These efforts will allow for increased efficiency, seamless care and reduce burdens on physicians and health care workers on the frontline.

MiHIN has used critical patient data to create the following reports in response to COVID-19:

  • Admissions to an Emergency Department for COVID and Non-COVID
  • Discharges from an Emergency Department COVID and Non-COVID
  • Admission In-Patient COVID and Non-COVID
  • Discharge from In-Patient COVID and Non-COVID
  • ICU Admission COVID and Non-COVID
  • ICU Discharge COVID and Non-COVID

The data is being used and analyzed in new ways to support the effort of cohesive care across teams.

  • MiHIN’s Active Care Relationship Service® (ACRS®) has been turned on for all hospitals across the state of Michigan.
  • In conjunction with the Lab Database, MiHIN is placing indicators on the ACRS files indicating COVID-19 test results, along with the date.
  • MiHIN is routing all COVID-19 lab results to the State of Michigan registry and will route results to Detroit Medical Center, Trinity Health System and Henry Ford Health System.
  • MiHIN is sending results, via direct secure email, back to health departments, including results, date and active care team.

“MiHIN is pleased to be a leader and innovator in health information exchange,” said Marty Woodruff, chief operating officer of MiHIN. “We’re continuously working to improve health quality, efficiency and patient safety — especially now as Michigan deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goals remain the same: To improve healthcare across the state and to work and innovate more than ever to support Michigan’s health care system.”

MiHIN is also increasing access for providers and patients to a HIPAA compliant telehealth option. Not only is this an efficient way of handling increased patient visits, but it also decreases the risk of exposure and spread of this pandemic.

The Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) is Michigan’s state-designated entity to improve healthcare quality, efficiency, and patient safety by sharing electronic health information statewide, helping reduce costs for patients, providers, and payers. MiHIN is a nonprofit, public-private collaboration that includes stakeholders from the State of Michigan, Health Information Exchanges serving Michigan, health systems and providers, health plans/payers, pharmacies, and the Governor’s Health Information Technology Commission. For more information, visit https://mihin.org.