Michigan Association of Health Plans

MAHP Thanks Legislators for Protecting Michiganders from Surprise Medical Billing

MAHP’s prime issue in 2020 is bringing a stop to Surprise Medical Billing. Surprise Medical Billing is a predatory practice where patients get large medical bills from out-of-network providers, those who do not participate with their insurer, when receiving care in an in-network facility. These Surprise Medical Bills represent the difference between the negotiated amounts the insurer paid and the unregulated amounts the provider charged. This practice must come to an end in 2020.

Representatives Hauck and Liberati co-sponsored a bi-partisan package of bills which provides Comprehensive Protections to Michiganders. The bill package passed out of the Health Policy Committee on November 7, 2019 and was referred to the Ways and Means Committee chaired by Representative Brandt Iden. MAHP eagerly awaits a hearing on this bi-partisan package. These bills passed out of the Ways and Means Committee with zero votes against the bills. MAHP sends a “thank you” to the 14 Legislators below who voted “Yes” for the entire package:

  • Chairman Hank Vaupel
  • Representative Ben Frederick
  • Representative Julie Alexander
  • Representative Pamela Hornberger
  • Representative James Lower
  • Representative Mary Whiteford
  • Representative Graham Filler
  • Representative Douglas Wozniak
  • Minority Vice Chair Frank Liberati
  • Representative LaTanya Garrett
  • Representative Cara Clemente
  • Representative Jim Ellison
  • Representative Matt Koleszar
  • Representative Angela Witwer

Similar bipartisan bills were introduced by Senators Lana Theis and Curtis Hertel. These bills were passed out of the Senate Committee on Insurance and Banking and are now heading for the Senate Floor.  These bills passed the Committee 8-1 and MAHP thanks these Senators for their “Yes” votes:

  • Chairwoman Lana Theis
  • Senator Dan Lauwers
  • Senator Kevin Daley
  • Senator Tom Barrett
  • Senator Kenneth Horn
  • Minority Vice Chair Erika Geiss
  • Senator Marshall Bullock
  • Senator Mallory McMorrow

MAHP thanks these Legislators for recognizing that stopping Surprise Medical Billing for Michiganders is a priority and this predatory practice should be ended in 2020. MAHP looks forward to passing these bills and continuing to educate the legislature, stakeholders, and the public about the importance of value in healthcare.