Michigan Association of Health Plans

Surprise Medical Billing Moves Through House Health Policy Committee

A package of bipartisan bills intended to protect consumers from surprise medical billing passed through the Michigan House Health Policy Committee on Thursday, Nov. 8.

MAHP supports HB 4459 and HB 4460 which offer comprehensive protections against Surprise Medical Billing for 5.7 million Michiganders. We thank the following representatives for voting yes on the legislation, and sending the package to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Rep. Hank Vaupel 
Rep. Ben Frederick 
Rep. Julie Alexander 
Rep.Pamela Hornberger 
Rep. James Lower 
Rep. Mary Whiteford 
Rep. Graham Filler 
Rep. Douglas Wozniak 
Rep. Frank Liberati 
Rep. LaTanya Garrett 
Rep. Cara Clemente 
Rep. Jim Ellison 
Rep. Matt Koleszar 
Rep. Lori Stone
Rep. Angela Witwer

MAHP encourages you to join us in thanking your representative.