Michigan Association of Health Plans

Legislative Scorecard | October 2018

MAHP is happy to introduce our Legislator Scorecard on the web site. We’ve undertaken this initiative as a visualization of MAHP’s highest priority bills and how each Legislator has voted on these efforts.

We’ve categorized the bills by MAHP Strategic Vision. Those Visions are Improving Access to Coverage, Increasing Value, Choice, and Competition, and Improving the Health Status of Michiganders. We also indicate the MAHP position on the bill.

We’ve scored the Legislators based on their voting record compared to MAHPs position on each bill. Sponsorship of a bill doubles the point value. Scorecard points may be earned by attending MAHP Events such as our Legislative Reception and Pinnacle Awards.  Legislators who have scores above the average will be in green, those with scores below the average in red.

MAHP will continually update the Scorecard on the web site, to view this month’s scorecard, visit: https://live-mahp.pantheonsite.io/resources/other-resources