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The opioid epidemic in Michigan

Originally published by UP Matters

The opioid epidemic reaches far and wide across the United States, but Michigan ranks 10th in per capita opioid prescribing rates and 18th in overdose rates.

Dr. Kevin Piggot is working on a grant to look closely at opioid use in Marquette County…but he is traveling the U.P. to talk about the epidemic that is growing in every upper peninsula county.

Dr. Piggott, MD, MPH, says, “What I’m trying to do is actually bring this all together so we understand what’s occurring nationally, what’s happening here in Michigan, and what’s happening actually locally here in the U.P.”

Dr. Piggott also takes a closer look at the CDC recommendations to treat chronic pain and new state laws in Michigan. But most importantly, presenting the information as tools for people to learn more about the opioid epidemic.

Dr. Piggott continues, “Really trying to put this all in the context of what people experience even in their own care or in a parent’s care or in one of their childs or brothers, sisters care. But assure that we are always remembering the human context of the fact that this crisis is about overdose deaths.”

Piggott will be presenting on multiple dates throughout the U.P. The events are free and open to the public.

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