Michigan Association of Health Plans

MAHP supports federal action to repeal the Health Insurance Tax

MAHP supports federal action to repeal the Health Insurance Tax (HIT). Congress placed a moratorium on collection of the tax for 2017 and 2018 but will lapse for 2019. Re-instituting the tax will cause a $14.3billion dollar fee on the health insurance industry. The broad-based HIT is a tax Michiganders cannot afford.

One of MAHPs strategic goals is to increase the value and quality of healthcare delivered to Michiganders. Taxing Michigan families raises the cost of healthcare without increasing the value. A new study by Oliver Wyman indicates increased costs for every market segment:

•Michiganders may see over $400 increases in their annual premium for employer-based coverage.

•Seniors with Medicare Advantage Plans will see premium increases of $452 per year.

•Enrollees in the individual Marketplace will see $157 increases in annual premium.

•Michigan Medicaid an additional $167 million.

The cost increases of the HIT affect every health insurance market segment and this tax doesn’t increase the quality care Michiganders need.

We encourage Michiganders to make their voices heard with their representatives to repeal the HIT and encourage Congress to not increase premiums via a federal tax.

You can locate your Congressional Representative here: Find Your Representative 

You can find a copy of the Oliver Wyman study here.