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See Michigan counties with highest percent on public health insurance

Originally published by MLive.

About 39% of Michigan residents have public insurance coverage — i.e., Medicare, Medicaid or Veterans Administration benefits, based on estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Those numbers vary considerably by age group, the estimates show, reflecting the nation’s differing policies for working-age adults as compared to children and senior citizens.

Americans age 65 and over have essentially universal, single-payer coverage, thanks to Medicare, although the vast majority of Michigan seniors supplement Medicare with private insurance, the Census data shows.

Children under 18 also have low  numbers of uninsured, thanks to Medicaid and MiChild, which fills the gaps when children aren’t covered by their parents’ insurance. About 40% of Michigan children have public insurance coverage, which includes roughly 6% with both public and private insurance.

For Michigan residents age 18 to 64, the numbers on public insurance are much lower: About 23% have public insurance, which includes about 5% with both public and private insurance.

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