Michigan Association of Health Plans

Ideas to Move On

My earlier posts in this series have considered how Michigan can dodge a looming financial bite caused by cuts in revenues and increases in health care costs through smart policies aimed at being more efficient while maintaining or even improving health care for individuals, particularly those with low incomes or even no incomes, including mothers with children, children and those with disabilities.

Some additional ideas (look back at earlier posts for more) that we must move on:


Reassess the state’s imposed hospital reimbursement formula, with a goal of creating more incentives for outpatient and community-based services. Adjustments in Fee for Service in this area will also affect the underlying rate structure for health plans and create additional savings. 

Continue to assess the feasibility of moving other pharmacy products into a managed care environment as well as look at ways of managing the new specialty pharmacy products that are coming on line.

Implement the requirements of the Healthy Michigan Act by moving the remainder of beneficiaries into a managed long term care program.

These are policies that can have a positive impact on the state’s bottom line as well as improving health care outcomes for Michiganders.