Michigan Association of Health Plans

Good news: Michigan residents are signing up for affordable health care

By Rick Murdock

The latest enrollment numbers for Michigan’s Affordable Care Act Exchange have been announced, and it looks like there has been some progress made in getting Michigan residents signed up for affordable health insurance. Issued by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), the report found that:

  • 75,511 Michiganders had selected a marketplace plan by 12/28.
  • Of the people covered by those plan selections, 5% were under age 18, 25% were 18-34, 34% were 35-54, and 36% were 55-64
  • 55% were female and 45% were male
  • 70% of people selected a silver plan

The coverages offered through the exchange compare favorably with other states in terms of offerings and premium costs – particularly with those in the Great Lakes region. We’re pleased to see people taking advantage of this opportunity.

Of course, residents still have a lot of time to sign up – open enrollment ends on March 31, 2014. For those interested in learning more, we encourage individuals to seek out “navigators” who have been established to assist consumers in making their choices for the Exchange. A good place to start is by visiting the Enroll Michigan website – you can find it at http://enrollmichigan.com/.