Federal health care reform will have deep and long-lasting impacts on all aspects of health care, and particularly for health plans. It is vital that all involved take the time to understand how the new laws, along with federal and state implementation of those laws, will affect their business, their health care and their finances.

The links here, along with occasional special reports prepared by MAHP, will help MAHP members, policy makers, health care providers and others have access to the best information available about this important development in health care in Michigan and around the nation.



Kaiser Health News - High Court Upholds Health Law Subsidies


ACA's Health Insurance Tax: Making Coverage More Expensive for Families, Small Businesses

The Latest Court Challenge to the Affordable Care Act


The following link to US Department of Labor documents regarding key issues on how the ACA affects mental health services:

GAO on ACA: Effect on Long-Term Federal Budget Outlook Largely Depends on Whether Cost Containment Sustained

United States Census Bureau Report on Employee Based Health Insurance

Internal Revenue Services: Proposed rules regarding premium tax

Department of Health and Human Services: Proposed rules regarding SHOP employee choice

Department of Health and Human services: Interim rule on risk corridor

Department of Health and Human Services: Final rule on exchange fees


Read the Supreme Court's majority and dissenting opinions on the Affordable Care Act

Documents from the historic Supreme Court hearing on the Affordable Care Act: a preview and transcripts from day 1 and day 2