MAHP Foundation

The Michigan Association of Health Plans (MAHP) Foundation collaborates with public and private partners to conduct research projects related to managed care, chronic disease and health care quality improvement; and to provide education and resources for the public and for health professionals about chronic disease. 

The Michigan Association of Health Plans launched the MAHP Foundation in 1998, as a vehicle to conduct research on issues affecting health plans and their members. The MAHP Foundation works to address several objectives:

  • To stimulate health plans to achieve prevention and public health goals, in conjunction with their communities
  • To link health plan initiatives in disease management, with emphasis on assessing outcomes and disseminating findings
  • To create better alignment between medical and allied medical training programs and managed care approaches

The MAHP Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

For more information about the MAHP Foundation, please contact Lisa Farnum via the contact form